My Gum Philosophy: Why I Don’t Give Gum to Strangers

Also why I don’t give out my number to strangers, why I don’t let strangers use my belongings, etc. and the list goes on. It’s really not about the gum… it’s about standing up against being taken advantage of. Sometimes it’s alright to say no. In fact, I say no most of the time. And yes, I go to sleep happy every night.

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My Ipsy Glam Bag: September 2017

I recently re-subbed to Ipsy. For those who don’t know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription box that sends you sample and full size beauty products each month, tailored to your preferences (or so they claim). It costs about $20 per month including shipping to Canada and is usually a great deal. This is what I got this month!

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Sephora Favourites: Soko to Tokyo – an awesome k-beauty deal

Sephora usually creates “Sephora Favourites” boxes, including sample (sometimes full) sizes of products in a certain theme, and sells it for a deal much less than the combined value of all the products. This particular one, “Soko to Tokyo” has been out of stock for AGES but I managed to get my hands on it when it re-stocked last week (it sold out again in a day). This is what’s inside!

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Dry Shampoo Showdown (drugstore)

If you’re among those lucky enough to go 3+ days without washing your hair, know that I’m very jealous. I have oily skin and therefore an oily scalp, so the most I can go without washing my hair is 2 days. In between washes, I count on dry shampoo to absorb all the oil and add volume to my hair. I tested a lot of them at the drugstore to tell you what really works (for me at least) and which ones to avoid.

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My Experience at the Glossier Toronto Pop-up Shop

I lined up on the day it opened to have a peek inside and finally try some Glossier products. The buzz around this brand has been unreal so I had to check it out, and I wasn’t disappointed. Keep reading if you want to hear my thoughts, what I bought, and why I didn’t end up buying any of their super serums.

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These 4 Products Will Last 12+ Hours On Your Face

I’ve come home from parties and events with my eye makeup still looking great. I’ve been rained on at festivals with my whole face still intact (including glitter tears!), while I saw other girls’ eyeliner dripping down their faces. My secret is using these staple items, which I would replace first if all of my makeup burned in a fire. They’re all very well-known and highly raved about for good reasons. Keep reading if you want to see photos of me putting them all to the test!

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How to Pick the Right Sunscreen

Skin cancer and aging are real threats. You may think that buying a nice-looking sunscreen is all you have to do but picking the right formula is extremely important, especially if you have oily/acne-prone skin. In this post, I provide a not-too complicated guide on how to pick a good one. I also share 2 products I found with the same ingredients list!

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