From Dollar Store to High End: 5 Glitters for Festival Season (or whenever, really)

Festival season is upon us!! For most of you around the world, that was quite a few months ago but for Canada, it started very recently. It’s my absolute favourite time of year because I can express myself through colourful outfits and makeup while dancing and headbanging to obnoxiously loud music. I dug through my makeup bag and found that I have glitter products from many different brands and price tiers. I hope that this article is helpful for anyone looking to add glitter to their collection without breaking the bank 🙂

The Dollar store… seriously ($2 CAD)


If you’re like me, glitter is reserved for special occasions and events where it’s more appropriate. Therefore, splurging on a small, rarely used item like glitter is usually not a great idea. In this case, your local dollar store, Walmart or Target is a great option for finding cheap arts & crafts glitter! Yup that’s right – you don’t have to buy cosmetic grade glitter… any kind of glitter will do! It really depends on your style and what you’re looking for. I found this pack of 6 colours for about $2 at my local dollar store. There are many other variations and shapes available too.

Just be wary of really expensive craft stores because you may end up spending just about the same amount as you would at Sephora. Some people take their arts & crafts seriously :S

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT PUT THESE AROUND YOUR EYES. As you can imagine, getting any glitter pieces in your eye can be extremely painful and may potentially scratch your eye leading to permanent damage. Keep any type of glitter away from the eye area unless it is stated that it’s cosmetic grade and safe to use in such an application.

E.l.f. Stardust Glitter ($4 USD)



This is a basic cosmetic glitter that comes in a small jar with a sifter. The e.l.f. website has it in  a few colours – I picked it up in purple and love it! If I ever see this in stores in Canada or while I’m in the US again, I’ll definitely pick up the rest because it is well worth the money. Heads up for you international customers – they charge duties on orders now 😦

Nyx Pigments or Glitters ($6.50 CAD)



Nyx is one of the only affordable brands to have lines of glitters and pigments available in a huge variety of shades. Depicted here is the Nyx Pigment in the shade Vegas Baby! – a very sparkly champagne shade. They also have a face & body glitter, metallic glitter, and a type of roll-on glitter that all look similar to this. From standard ROYGBV to more elaborate and creative shades, Nyx has it all! Highly recommend these products as they’re safe to use on the eyes, face and body.

Forever21 Glitter (~$15 CAD)


Forever21 at some point last year sold these little cosmetic glitter kits (one little jar of glitter + a glitter glue, which I tossed because it sucked) for about $15. Yeah, not super affordable, I know. But if you take a closer look at the glitter inside – there are many different shapes (circles, hexagons, stars), sizes and even colours of the glitter particles inside. If you’ve ever tried to find this type of “festival” glitter, many other brands do offer it but at an unreasonably higher price point. Layer on the shipping and potential duties for shipping to Canada, and this Forever21 glitter doesn’t seem so bad.

You can probably find similar products at H&M, Urban Planet (in the US try Charlotte Russe) or another type of affordable clothing/department store. Highly recommend these types of stores for accessories and products like glitter where you don’t need the high quality you require in an eyeshadow, for example.

Tarte Mermaid Glitter Gel ($23 CAD)


Tarte has always been a brand to innovate with colourful, holographic products before most others in the industry. Their new mermaid line includes a lot of products we’ve seen before: eyeshadows, brushes, etc. but this one product in particular caught my eye because it’s so unique! This is literally a gel-like paste, with a translucent white base that is full of iridescent glitter particles. It comes in a flat jar (pretty solid and heavy, which is always a good sign) and you apply it onto any areas you’d like: cheekbones, eyes, collarbone, etc. I am absolutely in love with this and bought it as soon as I saw it.

$23 is quite pricey but you get a lot of product that I’m sure will last a while. I like to use my fingers because this is rather sticky and I find that using a brush leads to more product wastage. It applies wet but once dry, it sticks to the skin  well and doesn’t flake or rub off much. You can sheer it out for a subtle sparkle, or build it up in concentrated areas to really pop. I also love layering this under other glitter products because it acts as such a good base. Highly recommend!

Lastly – Use a glitter glue!

Image result for too faced glitter glue sephora

You can spend as much money on glitter as you want – it won’t stay on unless you use a good base (would you use a crap lash glue for your expensive falsies?). Beyond the tarte gel, I love using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance glitter glue. This stuff is a cult favourite for a reason – it really does work. It have used this under glitter tears and it has lasted through over 8 hours of dancing and sweating. It’s unreal! Although the tube is small like other eyeshadow bases, this will last a while so I think it’s worth the money.

I’ve heard good things about the Nyx and Elf glitter glues too but neither are available in Canada 😦 If and when I give them try, I would like to do a comparison but for now this is the only one I will recommend freely.

Aaaand that’s it for now! Thanks for reading 🙂 if you know any affordable or just beautiful glitter products, please leave a comment below and let me know because I would love to grow this collection.

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