More Disappointing Products

Unfortunately not everything works for everyone…

Peter Thomas Roth – Skin to Die For Primer

This product apparently has some fancy patented technology to keep your face matte all day and prevent the over-production of oil. It also claims to improve skin texture over time, prevent aging, etc. Sounds promising right? 🙄 Well, not only did this do nothing for my oily/combo skin, but it made my makeup application worse. It did not help with oil production at all, as I needed to blot my face the normal amount each time I used this. Also who uses the same one primer every single day?? I could care less about the skincare benefits… just do what you’re supposed to do. This full-size primer is almost half empty and I have seen nothing positive come from this. 😫

Shu Uemura – S Eyelash Curler

This is a tiny eyelash curler used for precision, and supposedly handy for those with trouble using regular curlers. My lashes are totally straight and my outer corners never ever can be reached so I thought I’d invest in this. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me. Because of my Asian eye shape, it pinches my eyelid and it also really doesn’t do a good job of curling at all. There are just no pros to this curler for me so I will be returning it (who else returns things at Sephora past 30 days? 🙋). I hear that it takes some getting used to but I have tried on multiple occasions to make this work and it just didn’t.

Tony Moly – Panda Dream So Cool Eye Stick

I bought this literally because it was SO CUTE! 🐼 In Asia it was dirt cheap so I’m not too upset (nor surprised) that this didn’t work. It provides a very mild cooling effect but layers horribly under makeup. You can see in 2 of the images that the top is deformed… I tried applying it under my eye (after it sat there for months without usage) and the top part completely broke off. I actually molded it back in place like play-doh lol. I don’t regret this purchase though because I think it cost me <$5 and I’ve always wanted to try it. 🤷

Boscia – Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask

This is a trial size I got for free from Sephora, and is actually the second one I’ve owned. This is a black peel off mask, so once you apply it over your face and it dries, you peel it off. It uses charcoal as an active ingredient and claims to make skin appear brighter. 🔆 My verdict is…. this mask does nothing. I literally see no difference, except minor irritation from the peel-off process. Any minimal benefit is completely offset by 1. The strong, chemical glue smell, and 2. The messy process. The full 80g is $45 CAD which is ridiculous and there are much better ways to spend your money. 💰

Kat Von D – Lock-It Translucent Setting Powder

I bought this over the Laura Mercier powder because Talc is not the first ingredient, and I have so many regrets. 😭 This powder does a very poor job at setting my makeup and looks cakey and dry. There are a lot of things I don’t like about this (including the price, although this is the mini size) but the worst part is that it darkens when applied wet. Yeah… so if you’re baking with your damp sponge after applying foundation, you’re out of luck. That’s exactly what I did with this powder and my under eyes looked ORANGE. 🍊 I’m not even the palest person on earth – usually I’m a light/medium beige of some sort. A translucent setting powder that I can’t bake with? No thanks.

As an alternative, the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Setting Powder is absolutely fantastic and a fraction of the price!

Thanks for reading! If you love these products and think I’m using it wrong, please let me know as I’d like to avoid throwing things out haha. I know I sound kind of negative in this post but I just want to avoid wasting my money, ya know?

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