Reviews: My Primer Collection

Featuring Peter Thomas Roth, Make Up For Ever, and others. I’ve somehow gathered up a ton of primers (out of all makeup things?) so I thought that I should share my thoughts! For reference: I have oily/combo and sensitive skin so basically the more a primer can do, the better (mattify, blur pores, make a smooth canvas, etc.) 😃


Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die For

I’ve talked about this already in my disappointing products post – I picked it up hoping it would blur my pores and mattify like it says. I think this was a waste of my money because it didn’t keep me matte at all 😒 it blurred my pores and helped my foundation go on well, but a couple hours later I was shiny as normal and needed to blot my face. To be fair it’s pretty hard for any product to control my oil, but this product has even more claims than usual because of some fancy patented technology. I’ll give this another go when the weather gets warmer and I switch to an oil-free moisturizer – maybe that’ll work better with this.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – Oil-free Pore Minimizing

I talked about this in my disappointing products post – it freaking sucks 😩 I only paid $20 for this, thank god, but it bunches up on my fingers and sometimes my face, pilling off like eraser shavings. It helps my makeup go on smother but beyond that, it does nothing. It doesn’t fill in my pores, it doesn’t keep me matte, and it damn well isn’t worth the full $50 price tag.


Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primers – Mattifying, Hydrating

Yeah I know – why on earth do I have both? 🤔 Well, after Smashbox and Hourglass failed my oily skin last summer, I wanted to give the Step 1 Mattifying a try. It definitely applies very matte and is almost too drying on the skin. That being said, hours later I was still just as shiny as I normally get. Do I just have super pores or something? Idk. Plus this product smells bad so it’s not fun to use. I have a full size tube of this now and I have no idea what to do with it.

The Step 1 Hydrating however I absolutely love! ❤️ Winter in Canada is the most dry air on earth so I’ve found that my combo skin became more dry and currently needs moisture. Desi Perkins on YouTube says this is her favourite primer so I picked up the mini size to give it a try. It’s honestly the best basic, universal primer – it simply helps makeup apply smoother and last longer. It also helps to prevent dry patches show throughout the day, which normally happens with my foundation around my nose and mouth.


YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer

I love this primer so much! It claims to blur and illuminate at the same time – idk about pore minimizing, but it definitely blurs and perfects the skin for foundation application. There are tiny gold reflects in it that help to illuminate, and it has that signature YSL scent. Whenever I need my face to look flawless, I always reach for this and it never fails me 😊 I got this mini size in a Sephora 500 Point reward so I’m glad I got to try it, but the full size is pretty darn expensive so I probably won’t buy it full price 💵

Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere – Radiant Yellow

I got this little sample size in my November ipsy bag but I’m not a fan. It’s apparently designed for oily/combo skin and made with Vitamins C + E to hydrate and control oil at the same time. There are also teeny tiny gold flecks in this (even smaller than in the YSL primer) which I assume are supposed to be for radiance. I agree with the hydration and glow parts but like most primers I use, it didn’t help to mattify me at all.

Estee Lauder The Illuminator – Radiant Perfecting Primer + Finisher

This deluxe sample size was included in those massive free gift sets from Estee Lauder when you spend a certain amount. I’ve only used it once but I can definitely say that it makes you glow like the sun! ☀️ On its own you look like a crazy person with highlighter all over your face but it layers beautifully under foundation for a dewy, glowy finish. It also didn’t interfere with longevity or break up my makeup throughout the day which was great.


peripera Blur Pang – Pure Milk Blur

This is an Asian beauty brand with some really interesting products. I don’t have the packaging for this anymore but the box is shaped like a mini milk carton! It’s also totally why I picked it up when I was in Thailand. This is the oddest primer I’ve ever used – it’s made with something like 30%+ goat milk so it’s great for hydration, and claims to blur the face by using a white cast. Yeah… it makes the face whiter on purpose like a bad sunscreen. It’s not the worst primer I’ve tried though – it does help even out discoloration and I haven’t seen any problems with it – but I think something like the purple Becca primer would be more effective for brightening.

Apparently there are 3 different types – there’s also a pink one and a yellow one (for oily skin). Of course I only found the one not for my skin type… oh well. I’ll think of a way to use it I guess.

Aand that’s it for primers for now! Thanks for reading 😗😗 Definitely let me know if there’s a primer you can’t live without!

5 thoughts on “Reviews: My Primer Collection

  1. What is your favorite primer? I have oily skin, and I have a hard time finding primers that best work for my skin. I’m currently using the Smashbox primer, but It’s more of me just getting through it till I find a better one!

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    1. Hey there! I’ve used that same smashbox one and I found it didn’t do much for me :/ out of this list I actually like the hydrating one the best because it’s a dry winter right now. I’ve heard the Becca primer is good for oily control if that’s what you’re looking for! The MUFE matte one I mentioned is good too, I think it’s one of the only super matte ones that don’t bunch up under foundation!


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