Review/First Impressions: IT Cosmetics

Can you believe I got these 4 full size products for only $70 for Black Friday?? It was too good of a deal to miss out on and a great introduction to the brand. I’ve worn these products for a good amount of time now and in this post I offer my reviews with animated photos and swatches. All prices are in CAD.

Confidence In Your Glow – Skin-Transforming Healthy Flush Blushing Bronzer (MSRP $42)

I will 100% admit that the packaging caught my eye and was the main reason I made my purchase. A beautiful shiny, pink ombre coats the outside, where there’s a magnetic closure on the silver logo. Inside, there’s a huge pan (14.76 g) of the product: highlighter, blush and bronzer powder. It smells kind of like citrus which is probably from the anti-aging regenerative concentrate found in most (all?) of IT’s products. The powder itself is very smooth and creamy, blends out easily, and is the right level of pigment. I’ve actually only been using the bronzer and highlighter, the latter which I use almost all the time now. I absolutely love them, and having 3 products in 1 is great for travelling. I definitely wouldn’t sweep my brush across all 3 shades though… that wouldn’t be good for anything. One thing to watch out for: photos of this product online (like on retail sites) make the blush seem orange or peachy but I promise you, it’s very pink in-person.

A couple months ago I visited Sephora during a promotional event for IT cosmetics and I was glammed up by a lovely, talented makeup artist named Andrew. He used the highlighter on me, as well as their brow pencil (which I got a sample of) and some other products. Check out his work on me below!

Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush #705 (MSRP… $60?)

This is my first brush without a long handle! It’s super soft (ignore the dirty bristles, they’re supposed to all be pale pink) and is perfectly designed to blend out bronzer/contour powder in the hollows of the cheeks. The bristles are long but get looser closer to the tip, so this can even be great for blush on the cheeks or highlighter on the cheekbones. I’m a contouring newbie and love this brush because it’s so easy to add dimension to the face without looking muddy. It feels very high quality, not like a $5 brush you can order off Amazon with a logo slapped on it, and is absolutely one of my favourite brushes to use right now.

I photographed it next to the powder foundation to reference sizing. Also this product is still advertised on IT’s website but not actually listed for some reason. I could only find the product and its price on Ulta (which converts from USD to ~$61 CAD).

Celebration Foundation – Medium (MSRP $45)

This is a “full coverage anti-aging hydrating powder foundation.” Do I agree with every single claim here? Not yet because I haven’t used it enough over time to see these supposed results. What I can say though is that compared to other powder foundations by brands like pur cosmetics and bare minerals (I own both), the IT one outperforms them in 1. Coverage, and 2. Longevity. When I use powder foundation, I expect sheer coverage that wears off halfway through the day. The IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation however is very high in coverage and lasts much longer. Would I buy it at full price though? Probably not.

There are 5 shades to choose from (pretty limited, but expected in the beauty industry unfortunately) and Medium matches me well (I’m usually some sort of light beige shade). The packaging itself is of course beautiful, with a secure button lock, high quality mirror inside, and a powder puff in the bottom compartment. I love taking this with me when I’m in a rush because it’s easy to apply on the go.

Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6 (MSRP $58)

This is one of their best selling brushes and I can totally see why! It feels very high quality and is definitely well made. The bristles are soft yet densely packed together enough for applying liquid or powder foundation. I was worried that it wouldn’t pair well with powder (I usually use a flatter, large fluffy brush) but it turns out they work beautifully together! Buffing product into the skin with this brush is easy and gentle, and despite the flat shape it’s also good for blending into corners of the face like the nose.

I compared this brush to a cheap $2 one I ordered off of Aliexpress and they’re actually very different (Kylie is one of many scammers who slap logos onto cheap wholesale products to make money). Although the $2 one is still of good quality, the bristles aren’t as soft or densely packed. I wouldn’t pay $58 for the Heavenly Luxe brush but I’m very glad I have it.

Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil – Universal Taupe, travel size (MSRP $13)

I got this for free with a coupon code.

Out of all of the brow pencils I’ve used in my life (and that’s quite a long list), this one has the heaviest packaging for sure. I’m pretty sure it’s made out of aluminum or some sort of metal. The pencil itself is a flat shape and not as thin as the brow wiz. Apparently by changing pressure and rotating the pencil, you can control how thin/thick and light/dark the strokes appear to be (as told to me by Andrew). I don’t like this pencil though because you can’t be very precise with it. The ABH Brow Wiz and Benefit Precisely My Brow pencils are thinner and are much easier to make hair-like strokes with. I would recommend the IT pencil only for those with already decent brows and only need to fill theirs in with pigment.

That being said, I love the travel size. Especially since I got it for free, haha.

And that’s it! I got these 4 full size + 1 travel size product for $70+tax during Black Friday. It was an amazing discount and I love every single one of the items I paid for. Is there something you love from IT that you’d recommend? Leave a comment below if so 🙂

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