Recent Beauty Purchases: Sept 2017

Featuring The Face Shop x The Simpsons collaboration, Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara, and more! I show swatches and do mini reviews on them all. Some are good, some are bad. Want to see me with a Simpsons face mask on? Keep reading!


Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil

My hair has been pretty dry recently (due to using cheap shampoo and conditioner haha) so I wanted a low-maintenance hair product that would make my hair softer and more hydrated. This product does exactly that! I apply this oil to my damp hair and either blowdry it or let it air-dry. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling very silky and soft. This 30ml bottle was about $10 so it’s pricey compared to other drugstore hair oils, but much more affordable than high-end brands. I absolutely love it and will continue to repurchase.


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Oil-Free – Pore Minimizing

I really don’t like this. I’ve tried the original formula, and I’ve tried this one and I don’t think they do enough to justify the price tag. Yes my pores are blurred and makeup application is smoother but not enough for $50. Thankfully I didn’t pay full price for mine. I will say though, that this primer only does what it claims to do. Just because it’s oil-free and pore-filling doesn’t mean that it’s mattifying or helps with makeup longevity. However, I feel like I can use other more affordable primers that do the same thing, like the Benefit Porefessional which is $32.

The Face Shop x Simpsons Collaboration: Character Mask – Marge & Hand Cream – Homer Simpson, Sweet Cream

When I saw this collaboration I knew I had to get it! The full collection includes sheet masks, BB cushions, aloe gel, deoderant, nose strips and hand creams but here in Canada I only saw (for the early access at least) a few of these items. I purchased one sheet mask and a hand cream and I like them both! The character masks have the actual character’s face on it, which is fun, but as you can see it’s a massive failure LOL. They also have different functions: this one’s for brightening and the Homer one is for hydrating. The hand cream is $6 for a 30g tube but smells great! It’s very hydrating and each character has a different scent. I got Homer in Sweet Cream and it smells musky, like what a rich 40 year old mom would smell like. It’s a weird way to describe it but everyone I told this to has agreed haha.

I wish I had access to the deodorants because I hear they have a more natural formula. Oh well, maybe the retail stores will get the full collection?

Lip Products:

ABH, Nyx, L’Oreal Metallic, The Face Shop


I went a little crazy on lip products in the past few weeks but I got every single item at a steal!

  • Anastasia Liquid Lipstick – Crush: Sephora has these on sale for only $16 each for a week! The first day the news was released, every shade sold out online so I went in store after work to get one. Almost all the good shades were sold out (I wanted dusty rose, vamp, kathryn) but I managed to pick up Crush, a cool-toned nude pink. The formula is very creamy, and this lipstick is definitely budge-proof (after swatching the shades on my hand in store, they WOULD NOT come off). I’ve only worn it once and it wasn’t too drying on my lips.
  • Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipstick – push-up: Shoppers had a limited time deal of buy one get one free on (drugstore) lip products so I had to get something! I should have listened to my YouTube gurus about this product though because it honestly is bad. I don’t know how it has a 4 star rating on the Nyx website because it’s extremely dry and crumbles off less than an hour later. I applied it to my lips and it exaggerated every line to make them look very dry and wrinkly. It wasn’t comfortable either and definitely felt like I was wearing something. The shade itself didn’t work on my skin tone, which just made things worse. Won’t be buying any of these ever again.
  • L’Oreal Infallible Metallic Lip Paint – 300 Moon Dust: this formula is truly metallic and very pigmented. I agree with the ‘paint’ term because it’s not a liquid lipstick or a lip gloss. The shade is a beautiful metallic pink and goes on smoothly. The doe foot applicator has a dent in it to help with application. Keep in mind that since it’s metallic and very reflective, it will exaggerate every line in your lips. So I wouldn’t recommend this to someone over a certain age, or that you wear this with minimal/no makeup on. Again, I got this for free because of the Shoppers deal, so I ended up paying $12 for this and the Nyx lipstick.
  • The Face Shop Collagen Ampoule Lipstick – 14 Moroccan Rose: I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK. It’s very creamy, hydrating, and pigmented. It will transfer, but that’s fine tbh because it is very comfortable on the lips! This warm red shade is perfect for fall without being too harsh, and matches my warm skin tone nicely. I got this for half price at $12.50 and I’m thinking about getting more! Plus the packaging is so luxurious – it’s fully gold and has a magnetized cap!


Urban Decay Trouble Maker Mascara (sample)

This mascara claims to be sex-proof (apparently this was tested???) and gives over 13x more volume than regular mascara. These are some pretty damn bold claims. I got a sample of this through an Urban Decay Facebook ad. You can see the brush is really fat, and is made of silicone. It actually has short-to-long bristles winding around like a staircase. I have short lashes that are straight, and my curl gets weighed down by almost any formula if it’s too wet so I was skeptical about this working on me.

It weighed my lashes down… so any other effect it has is basically unnoticeable. It’s weird though because when you layer on multiple coats of this, pieces dry up and flake off so I’m not sure how wet or dry this formula really is. As for how waterproof and sex-proof this is, I can’t attest to that because I didn’t wear it long enough. It did add a lot of volume to my lashes, but after multiple coats there was clumping. In the end, I’m glad I didn’t make a full purchase. I will write a post soon about what mascaras do work magic on my short Asian lashes… coming soon!

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