Dry Shampoo Showdown (drugstore)

If you’re among those lucky enough to go 3+ days without washing your hair, know that I’m very jealous. I have oily skin and therefore an oily scalp, so the most I can go without washing my hair is 2 days. In between washes, I count on dry shampoo to absorb all the oil and add volume to my hair. I tested a lot of them at the drugstore to tell you what really works (for me at least) and which ones to avoid.


Klorane Oil-Suppressing Dry Shampoo


This is definitely the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. It has almost no white cast, smells good, works well, absorbs oil, adds volume, isn’t chalky, and is free of parabens and colorants. The only downside is that it’s quite pricey… I usually get it on sale at Shoppers for $13.99 (MSRP is about $17 CAD). Because it’s so expensive, I don’t use it often. When I’m rich, this is definitely the only one I’ll be buying.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Different Formulas


Affordable and fantastic! I love this especially for really absorbing the oil in my hair and adding volume. The sprayer is quite aggressive (which I prefer) and at first, there’s a lot of white cast, but once massaged into the scalp, it blends in and becomes more invisible. I usually pick this up at Walmart or on sale at Shoppers for $7.99. I’ve tried multiple formulas: original, big & bouncy XXL, blush, other scents, and usually the scent is the only difference. The XXL is even more chalky and white than the others, so be wary of that. Still, I usually stick with the original.

Speaking of flakes, I’ve started to get flakes from using Batiste recently but it’s never happened before. I find it only happens when I actually have dandruff; Batiste seems to exacerbate it. But when my scalp is healthy and with no flakes, I have no issues. Weird.


Pantene Pro-V Original Fresh Dry Shampoo


Tati (Glamlifeguru) on YouTube says this is her favourite dry shampoo at the drugstore so I had to buy it. It’s quite good; it’s completely clear and blends easily into my hair. It smells amazing, which is a huge bonus you don’t normally get from drugstore dry shampoos. But I don’t like it as much as Batiste because it does half the job of absorbing oil and adding volume. I can spray a ton of this into my hair and it still looks kinda flat. I use this on days where my hair isn’t too greasy but still needs to be refreshed. I pick this up for $4.99 at Walmart or on sale at Shoppers.


I don’t own these products anymore so  I didn’t personally take any photos of them. I just remember these working horribly.


  • Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo: This product didn’t do anything for me. It smells good and has minimal white cast but it didn’t do anything for me in terms of oil and volume.
  • Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo: This was a waste of my $3.50. It doesn’t do anything except smell good. Not impressed.
  • Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo: I hate this product because not only does it do nothing, it makes my hair look super white! The Batiste dry shampoo will disappear into my hair, but this product sat on top of my hair and made it a white mess. Yet my roots still felt greasy! Bought this once and tried to love it, never going to buy it ever again.

That’s it folks! I’ve tried a good amount of dry shampoos at the drugstore, but there of course is more. I’ve heard of even better ones by brands like Psssst!, Not Your Mother’s, etc. that I’m sure work well but aren’t available in Canada. I might do a part 2 with expensive dry shampoos/texturizing sprays. Let me know if you love any of these products, or if there’s something great that I’m missing.

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